Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Annetta Marion is an award-winning director and Primetime Emmy-nominated showrunner who loves making premium television. She has cultivated a taste for stories that both entertain and inspire, and has created roughly 70 hours of television over the last decade.

After getting engineering degrees and working in computer engineering for a short while, Annetta worked her way up in the entertainment industry mostly as a line producer then showrunner before transitioning into directing professionally.

In addition to her directing work in television, Annetta also directs high-end branded content and has almost ten award-winning short scripted films under her belt. She was recently elected by her peers to serve on the DGA Eastern Directors Council.

Annetta has a taste for adventure too; she has jumped out of airplanes, learned to scuba dive, surfed, and performed improv in a group called Dropping Like Flies.

She is currently based in New York